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Business & SMT Factory: 3Fl,Building C,Hedong Hangcheng Industry Park, 2rd Rd Qianjin,Xixiang,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China 518112

Assembly Factory: 4Floor,Building 5,Zhipeng Industry Park, Fuyuan 1st Rd, Fuyong,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,China

Tel:+86-755-23061696 G.M:+86-15818596836

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Jessica Tan
Jessica Tan
Head of Business Development
Whatsapp: +8615818596836
Coke Xiong
Coke Xiong
Head of Engineer
Selina Chan
Selina Chan
Sales Manager
Vivian Huang
Vivian Huang

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Product Department
Product manager 1

Job requirements

1. College degree or above;
2. More than five years working experience in the semiconductor industry, more than three years working experience in consumer electronics or IOT, familiar with ST product line is preferred;
3. Familiar with English working environment, can listen, speak, read and write;
4. Good at interpersonal communication and customer relationship maintenance;
5, logical, and organized;
6, strong pressure resistance, can accept the challenge;
7, proficient in Office software and Outlook.
Marketing Department
Department of Design