Total Solution of Power Management

With Zomei, you will asset to the latest reliable technology and abundent experience to grow your business.From design,engineering,manufacturing and marketing, we are confident of our service to benifit customers with profitable business model.

  • Exclusive Design

    From your initial concept until products come into market, Zomei participate entirely in the process with technical supporting.

  • Original Equipment

    Original Equipment

    Customized your logo with our existing products and launch in local market according to your reliable sales projection.

  • Develop Together

    Develop Together

    At Zomei, we always stay our development philosophy and provide quality products and services to consumers around the world.

Zomei Is Your Strong Backer, Not Only Business Relationship

We keep focusing on product and manufacturing which have always been our core competitiveness. We believe this would eventually beneficial to our customers

Stay Hungry Stay Innovation

Zomei is the driving force behind the global technological revolution. Zomei's technology is a guaranteed charging technology that consumers can trust.



From initial concept until products come into market,our experienced team will share their expertise directly communicate with you to develop your ideas and create the best products that can be produced.



We draw lessons from a group of professionals and the most advanced resources.

Solve the most difficult challenges of structure, materials, and functions,create truly innovative products.



With over 10 years of OEM and ODM experience, Zomei has become a professional manufacturer in the mobile power industry. Our automation and patented technology and assembly line system enable us without increasing costs maximize our efficiency on the basis.

Carried out


Our responsibility is far more than delivering products to our customers on time.

We are committed to providing a brand value experience, from packaging to custom service,meet the highest quality standards to maintain customer satisfaction.



Let ZOMEI be a seamless extension of your brand. We are flexible methods and creative marketing resources can strategically bring your products to market.

Warranty & Company FAQ

Do not accept machines that have failed due to customer modifications or additional functions or equipment.
Once the repair card and the purchase invoice have been altered, the repair will be invalid.
The machine manufacturing number and the repair certificate are checked by the person in charge of the repair center for each repair.
Please keep the purchase invoice and the repair certificate together as proof of repair, and you will not be compensated.

Company FAQ
Q: Can you do OEM?
A:Sure,we innovate products each quarter to helping customers extend branding and product lines.

Q: Can you do ODM?
A: Yes, we have more than 10 years ODM experience which enable us to helping customers' branding development.

Q: Can you accept small quantity less than MOQ?
A: If you are requesting customization that make MOQ higher.We have a distribution program for those who distribute our brand exclusively in their local market. If you join it,we don't even need to worry about MOQ.